1. Crown Range road, mid snow dump, fresh powder up the mountain for a week after this


  2. Watching the sun rise from my little lift hut this morning, love this place and all the great people I get to work with!


  3. The lowest run at Cardrona, Valley View, looking primo this morning after we got to ride the first laps.


  4. Epic views over the Cardrona back country on my lunch break. Today im working at the top of Valley View chairlift on my own, I’ve got the music cranking, coffee flowing, and plenty of food to jam into a toastie machine. Trying to get as many laps in today as I can on the snowboard, having such a great day :)


  5. Beau James Wells.

    Cardrona Alpine Resort.


  6. Queenstown treeline clouds, right after a light dusting of snow.


  7. Hadley Boyle and Ben Christophers - Cardrona Ski Patrol.

    Scoping out fresh lines from the summit.


  8. Ben Christophers - Cardrona Ski Patrol.

    New Zealand.


  9. I joined two Patrol crew Hadley and Ben to the Cardrona Alpine Resort summit to shoot some cliff drops.


  10. Cardrona Alpine Resort.

    Early Starts and Park Rats


  11. The one tree hill.

    Wednesday morning we gathered the troops, dropped acid and went for a 15km walk around Lake Wanaka to make the most of a warm sunny day.

    The boys hooked a bream on the way, but it spat the lure at the surface with a big leap from the water, we were all pretty stoked on life at this point. 

    We pushed up the steep hill and hung out for a few hours, with the perfect no shirt temperature and not a breath of wind on the lake.

    I came home that night, cooked fried rice, got drunk and went to town, had 2 hours sleep and went to work all day, came home and crashed right out exhausted

    Hope you enjoy the photographs.


  12. Sterny and Greeffy.

    Mount Iron, Wanaka. 

    Durry Hill skateboard slides.


  13. Matukituki valley adventures.


  14. I can recall back in February, when living across the road from the beach at Mount Maunganui, waking up on any given morning and cooking a breakfast, roasting a coffee and rolling a joint. These three beautiful creations were carried through the dunes and onto the beach to sit on the sand and watch the sun rise over the Pacific Ocean, followed by a swim in the warm surf.

    Five months later, i find myself living in a similar situation at the other end of New Zealand, my new place for winter with the boys in Wanaka is just a short stroll across the road to the lakefront. Its been that long since ive held residence in a town that the change from a surf bum not working to a snow bum working hard at a ski field has been challenging to say the least. After spending 4 months hitch-hiking all the way around NZ i enjoyed the constant change just cruising around as I please, but grounding for a while was desperate in need and i couldnt think of anywhere else id rather be for winter. 

    Staying sane is done by getting off the mountain for a day or two when i’ve got a day off, this morning was welcomed with breakfast, coffee and a joint by the lakefront. It’s easy to get caught up in tunnel vision when working from dawn until dark every day, taking my time to appreciate the place i live is vital.

    Season is nearly a month in and i’ve managed to get a lot of work done at Cardrona, dropping cliffs into powder on a snowboard, ridden at Remarkables, Treble Cone and Coronet Peak, cooking loads of decent meals, and exploring the wilderness nearby. I hope to become more comfortable in this new regime so that i can spend more time towards gym, general fitness, photography, writing, learning, and planning ahead.

    Im grateful for everyone that i have crossed paths with, in Wanaka, in New Zealand, as well as my whole life up to this point, things are going well and i’d like to keep the ball rolling.


  15. Purple Haze Cardrona.