1. Mellow Spring day working with these cool cats down at Valley View chairlift, the mountain is quiet and snow is slushy :) Andy, Sage and Fabian are stoked!


  2.  James ‘Woodsy’ Woods throwing a big 720 on the 80ft kicker at Cardrona Parks, NZ.


  3. My good friend Brooke and I stayed in a Cardrona apartment for the night, finished work and didn’t even have to leave the mountain, we had beautiful pizza in Mezz cafe then did star photos on the learners carpet until midnight, watched a ski movie and fell asleep in our 3 bedroom apartment. Woke up for sunrise, had a lovely morning stroll and after a coffee i snowboarded off to my chairlift to work for the day, was epic!


  4. One fine afternoon spent having a picnic beside the lake with Zac, Rose, Beau and Katie.


  5. Once again at the end of my 4 day work week, 2 days off to shred the mountain and get some chillout time, pretty sweet view to sit and unwind after a long day up the mountain, keep the bluebird days coming please mother nature :) #lakewanaka #nofilter


  6. Epic morning running the poma lift at the Olympic half pipe, so chilled out having brekky and watching some of the best riders in the world throw down massive tricks. Knocked off after lunch and tried skiing for the first time in a decade, actually picked it up really well I’m so stoked!


  7.  Epic views of Lake Wanaka from my backyard.


  8. On Monday i hiked solo up Mount Roy, half way up the track i veered off and made my own way up to a peak further north up the ridge, i crawled up steep grassy banks and over shale rock for a couple of hours, at the peak i found a small flat area to hang out at until sunset shooting photographs, eating food and enjoying the solitude. I hiked back down after sunset and hitched back to Wanaka in the total darkness with a funny german man.


  9. Simon Gritsch - Cardrona Parks NZ.


  10. Crown Range road.

    I need to drive something quick through here, preferably rear wheel drive and turbo, learn to master the art of drifting.


  11. Crown Range road, mid snow dump, fresh powder up the mountain for a week after this


  12. Watching the sun rise from my little lift hut this morning, love this place and all the great people I get to work with!


  13. The lowest run at Cardrona, Valley View, looking primo this morning after we got to ride the first laps.


  14. Epic views over the Cardrona back country on my lunch break. Today im working at the top of Valley View chairlift on my own, I’ve got the music cranking, coffee flowing, and plenty of food to jam into a toastie machine. Trying to get as many laps in today as I can on the snowboard, having such a great day :)


  15. Beau James Wells.

    Cardrona Alpine Resort.