1. Sterny and Greeffy.

    Mount Iron, Wanaka. 

    Durry Hill skateboard slides.


  2. Matukituki valley adventures.


  3. I can recall back in February, when living across the road from the beach at Mount Maunganui, waking up on any given morning and cooking a breakfast, roasting a coffee and rolling a joint. These three beautiful creations were carried through the dunes and onto the beach to sit on the sand and watch the sun rise over the Pacific Ocean, followed by a swim in the warm surf.

    Five months later, i find myself living in a similar situation at the other end of New Zealand, my new place for winter with the boys in Wanaka is just a short stroll across the road to the lakefront. Its been that long since ive held residence in a town that the change from a surf bum not working to a snow bum working hard at a ski field has been challenging to say the least. After spending 4 months hitch-hiking all the way around NZ i enjoyed the constant change just cruising around as I please, but grounding for a while was desperate in need and i couldnt think of anywhere else id rather be for winter. 

    Staying sane is done by getting off the mountain for a day or two when i’ve got a day off, this morning was welcomed with breakfast, coffee and a joint by the lakefront. It’s easy to get caught up in tunnel vision when working from dawn until dark every day, taking my time to appreciate the place i live is vital.

    Season is nearly a month in and i’ve managed to get a lot of work done at Cardrona, dropping cliffs into powder on a snowboard, ridden at Remarkables, Treble Cone and Coronet Peak, cooking loads of decent meals, and exploring the wilderness nearby. I hope to become more comfortable in this new regime so that i can spend more time towards gym, general fitness, photography, writing, learning, and planning ahead.

    Im grateful for everyone that i have crossed paths with, in Wanaka, in New Zealand, as well as my whole life up to this point, things are going well and i’d like to keep the ball rolling.


  4. Purple Haze Cardrona.


  5. Cardies Caves.


  6. Early starts at Cardrona Alpine Resort, New Zealand.


  7. Treble Cone, Wanaka, New Zealand.


  8. Lake Wanaka, New Zealand.


  9. Top of the South Island

    left Wanaka two weeks ago, hitched across to the east coast city of Timaru and went night 4WDing with the locals, then hitched up to Christchurch where i picked up a rental car to move to the very top at Picton.
    So i headed North that afternoon picking up a hitchiker Philipp and driving to Kaikoura, that night we camped at the lookout on the peninsula, the next day we organised ourselves with food and gear to hike up Mt. Fyffe where the back-country hut was at 1165m, after arriving here we dropped our bags off and hiked to the summit at 1602m where we had a view of the surrounding coastline, across to the north island as well the Mt. Manukau at 2300m. The hut was full of god vibes that night.
    Philipp and I hiked out early and made it back to base carpark before lunch, then driving west through Lewis Pass in the pouring rain and wind to the Nelson Lakes, we set up camp in the DOC camp kitchen with a couple of other roadtrippers joining us for dinner. That night was reaal cold and long, hardly getting much sleep.
    We woke to massive mountains diving vertically into the long narrow lake, we left and drove back east to the coast near Blenheim, the straight north to Picton where i dropped the german hitcher Philipp off as well as the rental car which cost me $150 in total for 3 days which was pretty good to have.
    I hiked out of Picton late afternoon, up through the winding hill roads towards Nelson, it took me 3 rides a few hours to get to where i needed to be that night, and even scored a place to stay with the guy who picked me up.
    The next morning long before sunrise i had to leave as he was going to work, so i hiked from the suburb of Stoke to Richmond while the sun rose, total of 5km and crashed out at McDonalds for breakfast and a rest. Off again hiking down the road it took me two rides to get west across to Motueka. I wandered around town, had a coffee and waited for the bro Jeremy to come over from Marahau to pick me up.
    That afternoon we cruised up to Canaan Downs in the Abel Tasman National Park with Jeremy and his mates to play in the snow covered grass fields with a 4WD, a tow rope and snowboards. I had never seen such snow of big evergreens before and walking through the forest amazed me for hours while the others towed into a kicker.
    We drove to Marahau where Jeremy had spent 10 summers kayak guiding through the national park here, we arrived at the place he stayed on a block of land with nomadic buses and a mongolian yurt which is a more permanent style tent with a wood stove, big beds and a outside kitchen. This has been the base for over a week, hanging out, smoking doobies with Gitta the lady who stays in the bus, cooking good meals, hanging out with Jeremy’s friends around Marahau, hiking the hills up a local valley, using a chainsaw and cutting heaps of firewood and generally just chilling out in the positive energy of the place.
    In a couple of days time Jeremy and I will be cruising down the west coast of the south island to Wanaka, Cardrona, the mountain we work for will be starting up soon and we need to get ourselves set up!
    love and peace


  10. Mr Friendly horse - Matapihi, Tauranga, New Zealand.

    Taken back in February, whilst living at Omanu Beach.

    So week 13 of my trip has been spent in Queenstown in the far south, Ethan and I have tried our hardest with house hunting for the winter season which starts in just a few weeks. In the meantime i’m going to keep exploring the South Island, by hitching up the East to the top and stay with a buddy, Jeremy, near Motueka, do some hiking and exploring of the coastline there then cruise back down the west coast to Wanaka and begin the season. 

    You may not hear from me for a wee while, but keep your eyes open for lots of content once i get back :)

    Chur, Casey.


  11. One fine morning at Omanu, leave home early,

    take my breakfast out the door across the road

    down the track, over the dunes and to the beach

    camera in the other hand, towl across my shoulder

    sun is rising, ocean glistening, waves are plentiful

    gannets soaring, humans wandering, as we teach

    ours dogs to play fetch, eat my fruity oatmeal

    take a dip in the water, ride the surf with my body

    I absolutely loved living near Mount Maunganui for summer

    Taken on 27th of January 2014.


  12. caseyripperphoto:

    So I camped on a headland at Mahia last night, walked into town to meet a new friend at the pub, scored some free BBQ wild venison on the way in, watched the union match and got chatting to the locals, had an interesting adventure around town before pulling an all nighter and watching the sun rise beneath the Moon and Venus. Everything seems to be so much clearer now, this is good.

    Venus in all it’s ancient glory.


  13. This morning we hiked up to the gondola overlooking Queenstown for sunrise, ate fresh bakery bread and drank coffee watching the town awaken.


  14. Bluebird Double Cone.

    The Remarkables.


  15. Today we drove from Queenstown 45 minutes up to the Remarkables ski field, then hiked for a couple hours up to ‘the stash’ urban run + hut. Got to shred through the half pipe while the other guys sessioned some features, i was happy enough to get my snow-legs again, we then cruised down to the hut on sunset, then hiked a long way back to the carpark. Exhausting but definitely worth it to get some pre season riding in.