1. Hitchhiked from the Mount to Gisborne yesterday, met up with Evelina and treated to the hospitality of a wonderful Aussie/Irish couple Paul and Aisling. Stocked up with food and were starting our East Cape adventure today!


  2. Big up to my good friends and old flatmates for letting me crash the night here at Mount Maunganui. Good to catch up with my favourite people, and do my favourite things, like eating brekky on the beach followed by a swim. So much to be appreciate for, this is the good life #thanks



  4. Departed Tairua, hitched to Thames, en route to Gisborne, meeting back up with @evelinawelander tomorrow! Young dude by the name of Jacob just stopped and gave me a Big Mac for lunch, stoked!


  5. The fifth and largest cave I found today, carved out over thousands of years by the ocean this natural palace is huge, would so love to have a go staying in here the night. Ended up spending 6 hours hiking, climbing to the top of the mountain, discovered terraces beneath some Kauri trees i believe were built by Maoris couple hundred years ago, raided someone’s unused vege patch, then had a swim on dusk. My last days in Tairua, still haven’t decided where I’m going next, East Cape or Northland?


  6. Exploring multiple large caves anf scouting for waves amidst the whitewash, found something actually ridable on the right set. Only carrying my Nikon F3T film camera but will someday return with digital gear and surfers. For now I’m taking shelter from the rain in said cave.


  7. Today we painted the house while it blew gale force outside. #cyclonelusi #notmuchofacyclone #justalittlebreezey


  8. Interior house painting until lunchtime, then a 4 hour hike through the rainforest to the beaches north of Tairua without a soul in sight. Swam beneath a small waterfall in the stream, then scouted out a point break a few reefies, will definitely return here with proper camera gear and surfers in the future.


  9. Pretty sweet.


  10. Played with Keana all morning then picked up the boys and had a great afternoon at the Tairua beach!


  11. Sure did have a quality afternoon, followed by a 7 metre cliff jump into the river.


  12. 6 hour hike up the Pinnacles with a German girl Lina for her birthday, met some other rad German dudes both named Nicholas currently on a 9 month round the world trip, stoked to meet other humans doing good things! @langly #letsgosomewhere


  13. Had a great day painting a house!


  14. Simone and Jan came to visit in Tairua to end their weekend getaway to the Coromandel, sweet!


  15. Who knew working in a pizza shop during high school would come in handy when I’m broke, spent the last three nights making woodfired pizzas in Whitianga for a big game fishing competition that was held for 270 anglers, worthwhile experience and good to bring out the old skills #cashmoney #exhausted