1. I’ve been in Wellington for little more than a day and already met a heap of awesome people, been to a funk gig and got tipsy, layer around in a backyard eating fruit salad and absorbing sunlight, tonight at my friend Tasarla’s house we are grooving out to a Blues jam on the back patio, wood fired pizzas to top it off, really enjoying this city :)


  2. Farewelled Marahau early this morning, caught a ride with Rob and Siany a couple hours across to Picton and straight onto the Cook Strait ferry to Wellington. The weather had turned a little rainy and overcast so I don’t feel too bad leaving this beautiful area sooner than I thought I would. Have met up with a few other friends from Wanaka on the ferry which is a nice surprise :)


  3. Abel Tasman National Park - Anchorage Bay.


  4. West Coast to Westport - Buller River - Lake Rotoroa - Nelson

    We explored the coastline to the west.

    Swam in Lake Rotoroa, it was very fresh.

    We followed the Buller River river north.

    Until we reached the Tasman Sea.

    And the icky busy city of Nelson.

    Nah not too bad, just enjoy the small towns much more.


  5. Punakaiki Rocks - West Coast, South Island NZ.


  6. Wanaka / West Coast / Abel Tasman

    Thursday 9th of October we departed Wanaka, Hunza, Bobby and I in two cars loaded full of gear, we hit the road north through the Haast Pass to the West Coast of the South Island. That afternoon the alternator on Bobby’s van shat out, with the help of some local dudes we got the car to our intended campsite where we met up with some friends we all knew through Cardrona. Now one car down with three guys we were in a tough situation, but with the generosity of an Italian girl Gaby she took me aboard to join her on the road up to Nelson, we found ourselves doing our own trip yet camping at the same sites Hunza and Bobby were, which was a pleasant surprise. Gaby and I visited a number of different lakes, rivers, coastal tracks and the large gorge at Hokitika, pictured here.

    We arrived in Nelson on Sunday and camped the night at the Maitai valley motor camp, far out of the way of the hustle and bustle of city. Monday I hitch-hiked across to Motueka on Monday and met up with friend, Essi, we had coffee and hung out in town, then spent the afternoon washing her Subaru GT Legacy and cruising around taking photos at nice places for when she sells it, after the drive she dropped me in Marahau at Gitta’s place on the hill overlooking the bay, all the way across to the Abel Tasman national park. 

    I’ve been chilling out here with a cool and varied group of people and constantly meeting new people, we had a very loud night of drum and bass with no sleep, then regathered myself and hiked into the national park for the night, 12km into the beautiful coastal track i arrived at Anchorage Hut where i set up camp and relaxed in paradise. Some other friends i know through Cardrona had paddled kayaks into the national park and were also staying in the same bay, Rob and Siany, the couple i also ventured to Ohau with many weeks ago(see archive). Early to bed, early to rise, i was on foot this morning and made it back in 2 hours, arriving at the Park cafe just after 11am and treating myself to a pint, carrot cake and a big brekky. This same cafe is where Hunza and Bobby will be cheffing for summer and it just so happened i caught up with them again while eating here, they gave me a ride back up the hill to Gittas.

    Tomorrow Rob and Siany are heading to Picton early to catch the ferry across to Wellington, i think i’m going with them, very excited to keep moving, i’ve done what i came to Marahau to do and now it’s time to keep the ball rolling and check out some new places, even if it is a city, i’ve heard its all good :) 

    many more photos to come.

    Casey x


  7. Had a sweet two days hiking to and back from Anchorage Bay in the beautiful Abel Tasman, the entire National Park reminds me so much of my hometown Noosa, plus the heat was really getting me ready for summer, stoked I scored perfect weather for the trip. This morning I left early and hiked 12.2km in 2 hours, had a bit of weight in my pack but the track was wide and fairly flat, one of my easiest tramps in NZ for sure. Wouldve preferred to kayak but they don’t rent to, fair enough, next time though!


  8. Greetings from sunny Marahau, today I chilled out at base, pretty sweet views of the bay from up here in the hills just south, over there is the bottom of the Abel Tasman, tomorrow im gonna get a kayak and paddle in to camp the night, so do excited for missions into the bush!


  9. Today Gaby and I went our own ways, I hitched across to Motueka and met a friend from Wanaka, Essi, we had coffee and wandered around town before washing her Subaru GT Legacy before she sells it, we cruised around the area this afternoon to get some sweet photos for the sale, we settled on this nice spot at Kaiteriteri. She dropped me off in Marahau at a friends place overlooking the entire bay and across to the Abel Tasman national park, keen to get my hike on in the next couple of days, think I’ll hang around til Friday then make my way to Picton, ferry to Wellington and hang out there then fly out on Tuesday, booked plane tickets last night back to Brisbane, so excited for adventures to come :)


  10. Gaby and I had a fun day driving to Nelson after spending the night camped beside the Bullet River, stopped off here at Lake Rotorua and had a swim from the jetty, had coffee in Murchison, checked out Tahunanui beach at Nelson and now we’ve spent our evening at a quiet campground beside the Maitai River. I had a swim in the creek before my first shower in a few days, chilling out in the camp kitchen chatting to a friendly Czech, really enjoying being back to freedom after a winter full of work and routine, never stop moving forward!


  11. Change of plan I’m now cruising up the West Coast with an Italian friend, Gaby, today we explored some amazing beaches around Punakaiki and found some natural polished Jade stone. We are heading to Nelson tomorrow and camping somewhere along the way. Then across to Moteuka and Abel Tasman national park in the next few days. Adventures are better when plans are flexible :)


  12. Wanaka its been a great season, you’ve introduced me to some incredible people and and had adventures of a lifetime, working at Cardrona was an absolute blast getting to shred on a snowboard every day of work. Some friends and I arrived in town early June from the West coast and now we are heading back up north before I fly home from Wellington in roughly 12 days. Big thanks to the people who made winter so fun, you all know who you are, adios and I’ll see ya somewhere else in the world perhaps, not sure when ill be back. love and peace.


  13. September 23rd 2014 - Cardrona bad weather close day.

    Rob Roy Glacier and the toughest piggy-back ride ive ever given.


  14. September 23rd 2014 - Cardrona bad weather close day.

    We gathered a crew of 15 mates along with my Dad and drove an hour north following the Matukituki Valley to Waterfall creek, from here we hiked 1.5 hours into Rob Roy Glacier through native Beech forest.

    We hung out in the valley for a a few hours and were lucky enough to witness several large avalanches falling from the glacier, the pure kinetic energy released is astounding.

    On the hike out one friend, Victor, attempted to jump 4m from a rock to flat, consequently cracking both his heels and unable to walk back, four of us took turns piggy-backing him along the track, carrying 70kg on your back for 500m at a time was absolutely exhausting but we made it to the car, then to Wanaka medical centre where they were confirmed cracked, and at least 6 weeks off his feet.


  15. Nicolino Dioli - Burton High Fives.

    Cardrona Parks NZ.