1. Captains looking primo this morning, stoked on first lap down to get to the lift station, its a great day to elevate people up this mountain yew!


  2. So this happened Ned yesterday evening over Lake Wanaka, five photographs stitched together was the only way to truly capture this beauty, about time to upgrade from 50D to full frame I reckon.
    Small crew of cardies mates are heading over to Queenstown this evening, the crown range on sunset was spectacular!


  3. Final Lifty party for the season last night was a blast, a well needed sleep in this morning before a mellow day at home organising my life, now at the gym solo pushing heavier than ever, topped off with Shapeshifter/Upbeats gig in Queenstown tonight gonna get loose! Soaked in stoke in this present moment, being alive to experience this wonderful journey is pretty dope!


  4. The sort of cold water that consricts your breathing you swim, I guess it is glacial melt - Makarora Blue Pools, NZ


  5. Lake Hawea, New Zealand.


  6. Creek exploring with Dad.
    Lake Hawea, New Zealand.


  7. Dad being small in a rather large place.
    Makarora Blue Pools.


  8. Makarora Blue Pools


  9. Dad and I visited Blue Pools at Makarora yesterday, explored some waterfalls along the way and enjoyed a swim in 7-8 degree waters, were off to Rob Roy glacier today!


  10. Hitched to Cardrona this morning and was on the snow by 9:30 to shoot the half pipe and XL jump line with a stunning inversion layer and clouds passing by the light was great for photos, on the blog soon! Rode Captains basin all afternoon dropping cliffs and hitting natural features, absolutely stoked on the fresh snow that fell last night and today, the clouds parted and cleared up for Wanaka on sunset, love this place :)


  11. Driving out of the wilderness out past Lake Ohau, this is the real New Zealand you won’t get on a Tiki tour.


  12. Sun is out and its a be tiful morning to be at Cardrona, today I’m at top of Valley View chair, prepared with bulk food, music and reading material for the day :)


  13. Shan, Rob, Ben and I standing above an Ohau backbowl last weekend, snow conditions weren’t great but it was awesome fun to explore outside the ski field! #lakeohau


  14. Jordan and Chizza sitting atop a very large cliff on Mt Iron one glorious morning.


  15. Mellow Spring day working with these cool cats down at Valley View chairlift, the mountain is quiet and snow is slushy :) Andy, Sage and Fabian are stoked!