1. getdownonthebeach asked: So besides being a photographer, do you not work? I was just wondering how you were living the wonderful life you described without income. Count me in!

    This is a good question which I wonder myself sometimes, last winter I had a grand saved at the end of the season, I came up to Tauranga in the north island and worked for 6 weeks delivering joinery to construction sites, and since then I haven’t had a full time job. I lived by the beach at Mount Maunganui for a during January and didn’t work and just lived which was epic, then two months ago I used what little money I have left to get a tramping kitout together and just left, I pick up cash in work here and there. A month ago I did three nights work making gourmet woodfired pizza, that gave me $235 cash in hand and I still have $50 left, my only expense is food and I stay with a lot of friendly people along the way they give me a bed and good food. I have like under 300 bucks to last me another 8 weeks of tramping so hopefully ill be right.

    Thanks for the quality question!

    If anyone wants an adventure come to New Zealand and adventure around with me!

    By the way I now don’t have a phone at all, so my only form of communication is the internet here and there wherever I can get online, facebook and tumblr are the goods!



  2. Kia Ora,

    I’m not actually sure if many people follow this blog anymore, I haven’t had the resources to do It properly whilst im out here in New Zealand.

    I’ve been tramping around the North Island for two months now and I’ve done Waiheke Island, Coromandel Peninsula and the entirety of the East Cape down to Hawkes Bay region. There’s plenty to tell you all about but that will have to wait for a couple of more months when im down in the South of Wanaka for a second winter there.

    I have roughly 280 dollars to my names…I think…hopefully that will supply me with food for the remainder of my trip, I doubt it though. I have been shooting loads of 35mm colour film so expect to see an influx of updates once I get settled again.

    Until that time I will continue to hike around the lands with my 40kg pack, exploring new coastlines and meeting new people.

    This photo was taken at Cook’s Cove on the East Cape, I toured around with a Swedish girl for a bit, that was cool.


    Casey Maxwell Ripper

    Out here writing my own non-fiction adventure story called my life.


  3. Young Nicks Head just south of Gisborne a couple of days ago. Down in Napier today gonna hike north with @wildboy_co_nz


  4. Thankyou Mahia for the good times with unlikely folks, hitch hiking is great, big shoreys are fun and a fire on the beach is the most positive vibe any human could ever experience.


  5. So I camped on a headland at Mahia last night, walked into town to meet a new friend at the pub, scored some free BBQ wild venison on the way in, watched the union match and got chatting to the locals, had an interesting adventure around town before pulling an all nighter and watching the sun rise beneath the Moon and Venus. Everything seems to be so much clearer now, this is good.


  6. Good evening from paradise. Mahia.


  7. Toured north around the whole East Cape then made our way back inland to the Uruwera National Park, have spent the last few days camping and hiking around Lake Waikaremoana, staying at backcountry huts and right beside the lakes, New Zealand continues to amaze me, definitely one of my favourite parts so far. Hitching back to Gisborne today. Peace.


  8. Most eastern point on the New Zealand mainland also the most eastern lighthouse in the world, sweet!


  9. Morning swim, followed by a big breakfast, then driftwood art on the beach with Bjorn


  10. So we walked around 10km yesterday, made it out of town and hitched a ride with this rad German fella Bjorn, on his own roadtrip around the whole of NZ, think we’ll accompany him for the next few days around the East Cape.


  11. So my phones been dead for the last couple days, we camped on this same farm for 3 nights, last night on that headland just edging the ocean. We’ve seen pumping 3-4ft waves, hiked for miles all over this farm barefoot, endured some pretty severe weather, swam in the ocean, bathed under a waterfall, cooked delicious meals from the comfort of a tent, and generally just doing everything that makes me happy! Today were moving north towards the most eastern point of New Zealand!


  12. Moonrise from a mountain, shower in the rain, breakfast in a cloud.


  13. Yeah so it got windy and rained a lot last night, but it’s all good with the right equipment. #5am


  14. We liked that mountain, so we climbed it, camping here tonight! Words can’t describe the stoke levels right now!


  15. Cooks cove hike, Tolaga Bay. The place where New Zealand was first sighted by Captain Cook in 1769.